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RMK FAQ signs We all have questions so here are a few to get things started.

What's the difference between a rebuilt/remanufactured and a refilled cartridge? Rebuilt/remanufactured cartridges have been taken apart and all the serviceable parts have been inspected, repaired or replaced then the toner is filled after the rebuild/remanufacture. A refill simply squirts some toner in with minimal to no inspection. No quality control and worn out parts are not replaced.

I have been told that a remanufactured toner cartridges just isn't as good as new? Rebuilt toner cartridges are rebuilt to OEM specifications. Since you cannot automate the teardown and repair process all cartridges are meticulously inspected and repaired, some times even better than new.

How can I tell if my toner cartridge was remanufactured or refilled?
The quickest way to attempt to see the difference is that if you can find a covered hole then you may be the victim of a drill and fill. Rebuilt cartridges don't need any cover-ups to hide
a quickie refill.

Why should I do business with RMK Cartridge Inc?
Well let's get by the usual stuff and cut to the chase. We have been on the other side of the counter, we have seen the poor product and questionable customer service first hand. We entered into this with the knowledge that there would be a demand for people to get a quality product at a fair price while being treated courteously and professionally.
We may get your business on price but we will keep you by treating you like someone special, we will even remember your name.

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